Greetings from Ars Magica

I'm David Chart, and I'm the Ars Magica Line Editor. I'm also a freelance author, but I'll be posting here in my capacity as Line Editor. Except when I have a new book out, probably.

As Line Editor, I'm responsible for the creative side of the Ars Magica line. That covers seeing all Ars Magica books through from initial outline through writing, playtesting, and editing to the point where I hand them over to Atlas Prime. I'm physically located in Cambridge, UK, while Atlas is in Minnesota (which is in the USA, I believe), so I can generally avoid getting dragged into the process of producing a physical book. I'm also not responsible for choosing the art for Ars Magica books, although I do get the authors to provide art guidelines. We have an excellent art director who co-ordinates the artists.

I just recently finished editing Sanctuary of Ice, and turned it over to Atlas. Thus, I'm now briefly between Ars Magica projects, and working on finishing a book I'm writing for the Penumbra line. It's coming on nicely, Michelle, so don't worry.

Any questions about Ars Magica can be emailed to me.

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