Back to the playtest

Ars Magica Fifth Edition has just gone into its final round of playtesting. So, I'm done with post-playtest edits for a bit, which is nice. This is the fifth round of playtesting that the new edition's had, and for this round the playtesters are concentrating solely on presentation. The last four rounds mean that we now have a set of rules with which I am happy, so the rules won't be changed at all.

But the best rules in the world are no good if no-one can understand them. So this time the playtesters will look at the flavour text, examples, and general presentation, looking for places where things are unclear. Some of the playtest groups have never played Ars Magica before, and probably never seen a copy of older editions. (Although they might have downloaded the free PDF of Fourth Edition.) Their job is to tell me whether the manuscript really does contain enough information to let you play the game.

So, with that out of the way, I can get on with editing the supplements for Fifth Edition. This edition is going to be well-supported right from the beginning, and the first supplement won't be a GM screen, either.