Post Playtest Revisions (Again)

The final revisions on Ars Magica Fifth Edition are about to start, and I've been looking through the reports that have come in so far. Again, a useful set of reports, and probably not as bad as previous rounds to work with, as this round focused on presentational issues. I was planning to start revisions today, but I've had to send an email round to remind some of our excellent playtesters that their reports were due two days ago... You know who you are.

I've already found one comment I like: "Whoever wrote the Combat Botches paragraph should have a statue raised in his honor." In the interests of providing a minimum of context, and giving people a first glimpse at bits of ArM5, here is that paragraph in full:

A botch on a combat roll reduces the total to zero, just as for any other botch. If a character botches his Defense roll, he is almost certain to be killed if his opponent is armed and at all skilled. This is what should be expected; if you make a serious error while someone competent is trying to kill you, you will die. This makes Ars Magica combat potentially extremely deadly, so characters should think very carefully before wading into it.
What? You wanted more hints than that? Be a little patient; more hints are coming.


  1. Any chance of seeing more excepts from the text, such as from the magic or setting chapters?


  2. You can count on more teasers and full-blown previews as we get closer to release. Speaking of which, we're still on track to have the new edition out in November, and a revised edition of The Broken Covenant of Calebais released simultaneously.

    We haven't actually formally solicited the product yet. I expect to do so at Gen Con in mid-August; we'll send off solicitation information right (with pricing details, etc.) before we leave for the show, and we should have an official announcement there with us.