Reactions to Ars Magica 5e

Well, copies of Ars Magica Fifth Edition have started reaching the customers. Initial reactions are mixed.

All the people who have the book seem to like it.

People who don't have it yet are complaining.

I can live with this mix, especially since everyone should move into the first group as the game reaches more stores. Right?


  1. I've seen about five complaints on the Berklist and two on the Atlas Games forum.

    Many more compliments than criticisms at this stage. When my copy arrives, rest assured I'll give a detailed review at

  2. Which is to say, I disagree-- initial reactions on the whole are overwhelmingly positive from this end of the antipodes.

  3. It does seem to me that those who are complaining should wait until they've read the book before they start mud-slinging.

    Of course, that's just my opinion... :-)


  4. Are we talking about the same Berklist?