Vis Sources Decisions

I've just finished making my decisions about the vis sources, and acceptances have been sent out by email. My apologies for the delay; I was ill with something and my schedule got knocked back a week or so.

Further apologies: I am now going to try to send out individual rejections, but for some reason my email program refuses to organise the mailbox with the relevant emails in by sender. Thus, you may get more than one email, or no email at all. I'm not deliberately trying to add insult to injury.

The selection was incredibly difficult. In the end, I had to reject nearly three quarters of the submissions, and I rejected quite a few sources I would really have liked to include in the book. There just isn't an indefinite amount of space. Rejected vis sources are the author's. If you'd like to see them published, I would suggest sending them to Hermes Portal, which is a fine Ars Magica magazine.

Thanks to everyone who sent in vis sources, and congratulations to those who will see their sources in the printed book.


  1. How can you have just finished the decisions on 3/11 when the book was sent to the printers on 3/5?

    What don't I understand?

  2. The Vis Sources are going in a different book, which won't be sent to the printers for quite some time.