Long Has There Been Back-Stabbing ...
... in fantasy role-playing games. Never has there been a better reason for it. Dynasties & Demagogues is the guide to exploring the politics of your own fantasy campaigns. Thankfully, fantasy monsters and magic make politics even more exciting, and fiery in a whole new way. Put the wheels of the governing machine to work, steer the ship of state and face a dragon with your wits and your charm alone. Politics doesn't mean less action in your campaign, either; it means a better reason for taking action.

We're getting closed to finished with this one, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll be ripping something out of the book soon as a free preview. What do you want? A prestige class? A couple of feats? (Dynasties has a whole new sort of feat.) Some spells? Drop us a line with your request.

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