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Your Very Own Murder

For the past few months, DriveThruCards has been hard at work expanding their capability to produce custom, print-on-demand cards using input directly from players. We've been working with them to bring that new capability to Murder of Crows, the game where you uncover a murder most fowl.

Yesterday, the Murder of Crows card creator launched. You can use it to build your very own cards and introduce new victims (your office mates?), killers (your mother-in-law?), motives (ugly pants?), locations (your friendly local game store?), and more to Murder of Crows. There's even an entirely new blank effect card you can use to create your very own rules hacks for the game. Once you've built your new cards, you can order as many physical copies as you want, shipped directly to you at home. You can also make those cards available to others in the DriveThru community who might also be interested in them.

We'd like to see the library of community cards grow, and we're hoping you'll help. Visit the Murder of Crows card creator and show us your creativity!

Murder of Crows "Create Your Own Cards" Banner

Unknown Armies Needs Recruits!

The thing about conspiracies is that they continually evolve to fit the times. So it is with Atlas Games’ classic roleplaying game Unknown Armies. It’s been 14 years since the occult underground was called to bring the world into its next ascension.

We’re launching a Kickstarter for Unknown Armies 3 in April 2016. Game creator Greg Stolze heads up a design team that brings Unknown Armies fully into the 21st century. The third edition of this cult classic RPG shall manifest as a three-volume core set, keeping its focus on power and obsession. It’s packed full of updated and revised rules, new character creation approaches, new archetypes from the Invisible Clergy, and new schools of magick.

Will you be one of the broken people conspiring to fix the world? Sign up today for alerts about playtesting and the Kickstarter launch right now at atlas-games.com/kickstartUA3.

A Chiropteran Relic of the Hermetic Past

For years the most devoted seekers of the Order of Hermes have pursued either of the two fabled iterations of the Jump-Start Kit known as The Bats of Mercille. If your pursuit of this Hermetic Grail has thus far been in vain, you want to know that I have just stitched together a digital version of this Ars Magica scenario by Mark Rein-Hagen, blending the 1989 edition with additional text from the 1988 version that was left out but really shouldn't have been (e.g., the stats and special powers of the ultimate antagonist).

You can purchase your own digital copy of The Bats of Mercille right this moment from e23, or whet your curiosity with the free preview.

A Blast from the Past: Calebais 1E

Today we have something special for the discerning Ars Magica fan: A digitized edition of the original Broken Covenant of Calebais published by Lion Rampant back in 1988 for the first edition of Ars Magica.  You can buy and download it now from e23!  Also on sale now is the original Faeries sourcebook, published for Ars Magica 2nd Edition.

Three Cheers for Video

We've had a ton of fun with Three Cheers for Master since we released it this summer. One of the most rewarding things has been showing it off at conventions and in demos ever since.

Last weekend, when we ran demos all day at Source Comics & Games in the Twin Cities for their Jubilee Sale, we sold out their stock and generated a ton of follow-up demand the weekend after. Good thing they're ten minutes from our warehouse!

We want everyone to learn to play Three Cheers for Master, so we recorded a learn-to-play video you can watch here, watch on the Three Cheers for Master product page, download to your devices to help your friends learn (600 MB), stream from YouTube because that's often convenient, and even put in rotation on the TV in your FLGS.

Check it out, and if you have any feedback for us, please share it! We hope to do more of these for our other games, so we'd love to know what you think.

All hail Master!