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News from Atlas Games


A Full-Time Position at Atlas Games

We've just posted a job description for a graphic designer and game producer. That's one position; we're looking for someone who can take on both roles. The person we hire will be a key staffer, responsible for moving critical projects forward in our production pipeline.

Full-time positions in the tabletop game business are pretty uncommon, so if you have the skills we're looking for, please apply! We look forward to hearing from you. If this isn't the job for you, we'd love it if you'd think about other folks you know who might be a good match, and forward our listing to them.

Introducing Mythic Locations

While you await the arrival of the next Ars Magica sourcebook, Mythic Locations, why not take a look at the book's introduction? It provides a concise and yet mostly spoiler-free breakdown of the book's contents and some art from the talented Gabriel Verdon. More news and updates about this story-inspiring collection of mythic places are coming soon!

On the Horizon: Mythic Africa

We are pleased to announce that Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa is this year's December release for Ars Magica Fifth Edition. This setting sourcebook includes extensive coverage of the places and people of North Africa, west of Egypt and north of the torrid zone. Whether you choose to set an entire saga in these fabled lands or send your magi south from Mythic Europe to explore and seek new arts and new magic, Between Sand & Sea is packed from cover to cover with story hooks and rich background.

Remembering Nick Post

Atlas Games' staff mourns the loss of our friend and Atlas co-owner Dominic Postigione, who passed away in his home on August 8th. His memorial service was standing room only as his family, childhood friends, co-workers at the Source, MCBA friends, and State Fair friends all came together to remember him. He touched the lives of so many, and will be sorely missed.

East Meets West at Grand Tribunal UK 2014

Fans of Atlas Games' roleplaying games convene this weekend in Cheltenham, England to celebrate this year's Grand Tribunal UK, the premier gathering of Ars Magica aficionados outside North America.

While the event focuses on Mythic Europe, GT UK organizer, Ars Magica author, and Special Ops demo team member Chris Jensen Romer will also run some special playtest events using the new Feng Shui 2 rules. He also built a five-foot-tall model of the Mistridge covenant for a magical adventure at this year's convention.

Everyone at Atlas Games wishes those gathering in sunny England a fun and successful Tribunal weekend!

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