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Remembering Nick Post

Atlas Games' staff mourns the loss of our friend and Atlas co-owner Dominic Postigione, who passed away in his home on August 8th. His memorial service was standing room ony as his family, childhood friends, co-workers at the Source, MCBA friends, and State Fair friends all came together to remember him. He touched the lives of so many, and will be sorely missed.

East Meets West at Grand Tribunal UK 2014

Fans of Atlas Games' roleplaying games convene this weekend in Cheltenham, England to celebrate this year's Grand Tribunal UK, the premier gathering of Ars Magica aficionados outside North America. 

While the event focuses on Mythic Europe, GT UK organizer, Ars Magica author, and Special Ops demo team member Chris Jensen Romer will also run some special playtest events using the new Feng Shui 2 rules. He also built a five-foot-tall model of the Mistridge covenant for a magical adventure at this year's convention.

Everyone at Atlas Games wishes those gathering in sunny England a fun and successful Tribunal weekend!

Help this Kickstarter "Lift Off!"

Murder of Crows' designer Eduardo Baraf has a clever new board game, and you can get in on the ground floor by backing its Kickstarter.

Lift Off! asks players to save as many adorable aliens as possible before their planet explodes. Its semi-cooperative design makes it ideal for family game night, and the modular board gives players a new experience every time they play. You can check out the game's high-quality production values, loads of positive reviews, and videos of game play on the Kickstarter page.

Backers at the $49 level get Lift Off! as well as a copy of Murder of Crows, so hop aboard this Kickstarter—it's out of this world!

Faith & Flame Hooks: The Dragon Snail of Bayonne

Known throughout Mythic Europe for its shipbuilding and whaling traditions, the port of Bayonne in Aquitaine is also troubled by a darker reputation. Nearby, a monstrous beast known locally as Lou Carcolh is the source of numerous tales of brave knights and foolhardy magi being swallowed alive and never seen again. Folk witches among the Basque people know enough to steer clear of the beast, but are quite ready to pass along details about the location of its lair to brave and foolhardy souls who wish to test their mettle.

The magus Acumenis, of House Ex Miscellanea, has this to say of the Lou Carcolh in his journal:
It was a vast creature, lumbering and vicious. Oblivious to us as we hid, its head was like a dragon with a beard of tentacles, a mouth of sword-like fangs. Its neck became that of a snail and its body disappeared within an enormous shell. It left a trail of thick slime in its wake, rolling over the broken wagons as if they were nothing. The mule, however, was not so fortunate, and its cries were quickly silenced after the tentacles shot forth and pulled it bleating into that ravenous maw. I can only hope the monster wasn't an immature beast.

Learn more about the Lou Carcolh, its magical qualities and powers, and the Basque folk witches who may or may not be complicit with the beast in Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal sourcebook for Ars Magica Fifth Edition, now available.

Faith & Flame was written by Erik Dahl, Mark Faulkner, Lachie Hayes, Ben McFarland, and Christian Jensen Romer. Cover illustration by Christian St. Pierre; interior illustration by Jason Cole, Jenna Fowler, Susan Knowles, Jeff Menges, and Christian St. Pierre, with cartography by Matt Ryan.

Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal is Now in Stores

New Tribunal books for Ars Magica Fifth Edition are always highly anticipated, and Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal is no exception. The lands of the Languedoc have been a central element of the history of Mythic Europe since the earliest editions of the game, but never before have they been so thoroughly detailed and explored.

Each Ars Magica Tribunal book features one of the 13 regions of Mythic Europe, as organized by the magical Order of Hermes. Everything that players and storyguides need to know in order to tell rich and engaging stories in those regions is provided, from important personalities, rulers, and historical figures to dangerous monsters and cunning adversaries. On top of all of that, the culture, history, and geography of the Tribunal is presented in an easy-to-use reference.

Fans of Ars Magica may uncover dozens of references to the game's past editions in Faith & Flame. The lost covenant of Val-Negra, for example, is revealed in its terrible ruined glory. Fans of magical fantasy will appreciate such monsters as the legendary Tarrasque, illustrated in this volume by cover artist Christian St. Pierre. Armchair historians should revel in the book's insight into Basque culture and folklore, to say nothing of the fallout of the Albigensian Crusade.

With new rules, mystical traditions, monsters, and lore, Faith & Flame is a must-have sourcebook for any Ars Magica Fifth Edition fan.

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