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Expanding Your Demo: Shadow Before the Rumble

Red Packet Rumble is a two-act scenario for Feng Shui 2 that we’ve made available as a free PDF download. It’s designed to fit into a 2-hour demo slot, but it could also serve as the followup to Shadow of the Future of the Apes, the scenario included in the Feng Shui 2 core rulebook. Here’s how!

Step One: Using the 12 suggested archetypes in Red Packet Rumble, run the Shadow of the Future of the Apes scenario in the core rulebook. Include early references to Rose Muk, the decorated Special Duties Unit officer who features in Red Packet Rumble. Give the players some reason to know her.

Step Two: Run Red Packet Rumble! Take lots of notes. Who stood out as a really challenging opponent? Which melodramatic hooks were involved?

Step Three: Re-introduce the New Simian Army, who seek the same mystic amulet at the center of the action from Red Packet Rumble, ostensibly to use it to stop the Jammers. Maybe the Ascended also want the amulet for its cataclysmic power, now, so they act through the Golden Seas Triad. The outcome of the fight in the Netherworld also means the Eaters of the Lotus are enemies of the player characters, too. Will there be a battle at the Special Duties Unit headquarters? What about on top of a skyscraper in Hong Kong?

Step Four: Return to the Netherworld! Either the New Simian Army or the Ascended now have the amulet, and want to use its power. They need to enter the Netherworld in order to carry out this heinous act. Can the players make a brief alliance with one of the other factions to stop them? What if the players decide to use the amulet in another juncture to change history?

The temptation to add lots of bad guys and enemies to a campaign is great, but with only the New Simian Army, the Ascended, and the Eaters of the Lotus, together with their respective representatives and agents, you’ve got plenty to keep your Chi Warriors busy for months of play.

Feng Shui 2 Demo Pack: Red Packet Rumble now Available

We all learn games best by playing them, and roleplaying games are no exception. The Feng Shui 2 core rulebook includes the breakout adventure Shadow of the Future of the Apes, but many GMs and convention organizers asked us to prepare a shorter scenario for game days, retail store game nights, and game conventions.

Presenting Red Packet Rumble! This scenario can be run in under two hours and introduces players to the core aspects of the game rules as well as another faction, the Eaters of the Lotus. Included with this free PDF download are a dozen ready-to-play archetypes, a copy of the shot counter to track combat sequences, and a set of reference sheets. Just print the demo packet and go!

Feng Shui 2 Demo Pack: Red Packet Rumble was written & produced by Cam Banks, based on Feng Shui 2 by Robin D. Laws.

Feng Shui… Everywhere!

Be alert, Chi Warriors! Later this week, Feng Shui 2 and the Feng Shui 2 GM Screen: A Fistful of Fight Scenes will start to appear in retail stores. (When exactly? Our distributors who've placed orders will have both products on September 1st. When they finish their journey to your FLGS depends on who the store's distributor is, where they're located, how often they receive shipments, and so on. Want to know when your favorite store will have these two products? Pretty much every store in the country would be delighted to have you call them to ask how soon you can bring your business into their shop!)

Today, to help promote these product launches, we're making PDFs of the GM Screen — both the screen itself and the Fistful of Fight Scenes booklet — available via our online sales channels. In addition, we're sending a free PDF copy of the screen to all of our Kickstarter backers.

That's not all, of course. Veteran Chi Warriors know that nothing is as simple as it first appears. Because the FFoFS writers went above and beyond the call of duty, there was one fight scene that didn't fit in the print version of the screen's booklet. So we're making the Bazaar/Marketplace fight scene available here at the Atlas Games website as a free download. We hope you'll grab a copy.

And finally, we're delighted to make our summer convention demo scenario, Red Packet Rumble, available here as a free download. Feng Shui 2 fans can run a two-hour demo of the game for their friends or at their local hobby retailer or games club. The scenario also includes a dozen ready-to-play archetypes, reference sheets, and a shot counter!

Thanks again for your support, Atlas Games fans! We hope you enjoy Feng Shui 2!

Gen Con Victories

We ran a number of scheduled events at Gen Con this year, and some of them had winners!

Three Cheers for Master

Our Three Cheers for Master Learn-and-Tournament was a series of games where newcomers to 3C4M could learn to play. Then, afterwards, they jumped into a series of games oriented toward fun rather than cutthroat competition.

Even though the keystone value was having fun, the victors of our events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday met on Sunday at high noon in the Atlas Games booth to play it out for Master's ultimate approval. At the end, the victor proved diminutive enough that those she had bested were able to lift her into the air for Master's entertainment. (Photo credit: @Wolfrgnr.) Congratulations!


Our Gloomiest Afternoon Tea Party Ever event was a multi-round extravaganza of despair where several dozen participants chose families from among the Gloom, Cthulhu Gloom, Fairytale Gloom, and Munchkin Gloom characters. Each player brought that same family through a series of round-robin games that used random assortments of modifiers and deaths from all those same core games.

As the event progressed, each contestant helped customize five trophies — four teacups and a single teakettle — by inscribing a single word of despair on each trophy. The grand prize winner took the kettle, but the cups were awarded randomly throughout the tea party to the next player to suffer a death.

Gloom Designer Keith Baker was also on hand to sign games, offer discouragement, and randomly kill characters from time to time, all as the miserable Mr. Baker is wont to do. (So be alert.)

Feng Shui

Even our Feng Shui seminar — the "Feng Shui Panel & Chi Warrior Meet-up" — had a victor as part of its Most Magnificent 20-Second FS2 Anecdote Contest. Contestant Mike Adair told a magnificent tale summarized (in his advance, written qualifier) as "Saved Rankin Bass' Santa from C.O.B.R.A. with Candycane Cage Match." Plan to bring your "A" game next year, Chi Warriors.

Feng Shui 2 Makes the List of 6 Blockbuster RPGs at Gen Con!

While we recover from our hugely successful Gen Con convention attendance, where we staged panels, hundreds of demos, card game tournaments, and dealer hall exact change dances, we learned that our fresh-from-the-printers Feng Shui 2 core rulebook was counted among a list of six must-buy games for Gen Con.

Here at Atlas we're proud to be a part of such a thriving and successful renaissance in tabletop gaming, and equally proud to join such worthies as Green Ronin, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Wizards of the Coast, and Fantasy Flight Games in producing fun, player-friendly RPGs in addition to our award-winning card and board games. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our game panels, played in our demos, and battled in our Three Cheers for Master and Gloom tournaments last week.

The full list and descriptions of each of these games can be found here!

Play on!