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Atlas Games at Gen Con 2015

Gen Con — the greatest four days in gaming — is upon us!

Find Us in the Exhibit Hall

Find us at booth 1401 in the exhibit hall, where we'll be running demonstrations of Feng Shui 2, Three Cheers for Master, and other titles as the mad whim strikes us.

If you're angling to pick up a copy of Three Cheers for Master at the show, you should know that we'll have a limited number available each day, because we're still waiting on our reprint. We'll have plenty of copies of new release Munchkin Gloom, though. We dare you to try to run us out.


Join Us for Our Scheduled Events

Three Cheers for Master: We're running a series of Three Cheers for Master learn-the-game and play-a-light-tournament events, where the winners each day compete for Master's undying affection in our booth on Sunday. Atlas President John Nephew made awesome plaques for every day's winner, as well as for the grand champion. Thursday 9a–12p (CGM1575645), Friday 9a–12p (CGM1575646), Saturday 9a–12p (CGM1575647)

Gloom: If Gloom is more your style, come visit us at the Very Gloomiest Afternoon Tea Party, where you'll mix Gloom, Cthulhu Gloom, Fairytale Gloom, and Munchkin Gloom to compete for the inaugural Gloomiest Teacup Trophy. Sadness will surely abound, and designer Keith Baker will be on hand for part of the event to adjudicate your misery. Friday 4p–6p (CGM1575648)

Feng Shui 2: Chi Warriors should plan to attend the Feng Shui Panel & Chi Warrior Meet-up, where the team behind Feng Shui 2 will be on hand to answer your burning questions and bestow a suitable reward to the winner of the Most Magnificent 20-Second FS2 Anecdote Contest. Thursday 4p–5p (SEM1575649)

Ars Magica: Our seminar on the future of Ars Magica will feature talk about all of the mad plans we've got for that game's future, including (but not limited to!) our Gumshoe game set in Mythic Europe. Saturday 5p–6p (SEM1575651)

Designing RPGs: Last but not least, we've scheduled an experimental seminar not directly tied to any of our game lines about creating awesome RPGs. If you believe — as we do — that creating great games is a worthwhile ambition, join us! Saturday 3p–4p (SEM1575650)

Sylvan Master, the Feng Shui 2 app for iOS!

The Guiding Hand's ultra-zen Shaolin warriors gather on your left. The New Simian Empire's legions of cyborg ape-soldiers amass on your right. Coming up the middle is a horde of supernatural abominations led by a Lotus Eater eunuch sorcerer flying on the wings of dark magic.

This is going to take a while.

Don't let the numbers drag you down, Chi Warrior! Sylvan Master for iOS devices automates most of the mechanics of a Feng Shui 2 fight scene. You, the GM, can now focus on the descriptive details of the action and making your players shine like the badasses they are. Get it now for the low introductory price of $4.99 at any Contemporary juncture iTunes store!


  • Manage multiple campaigns and characters
  • Roll attacks for bosses, featured foes, and mooks with ease
  • Track the action using the built-in automated Feng Shui 2 shot counter
  • Stay on top of damage across all combatants with Wound Point tracking
  • Use the QR codes and hyperlinks in published adventures to take you straight to the action in the app
  • Enemy stats from the core rulebook and supplements built-in and expanded by DLC

Dungeoneer: Realm of the Ice Witch now available to print on demand!

It's hot outside, but we've got a icy refreshing treat for Dungeoneer fans. Realm of the Ice Witch has been out of print, but is now available as Print-on-Demand at Drive-Thru Cards. Complete your Dungeoneer set today!

Since ancient times, Chohzar the ice witch has dwelled in the frozen lands north of the empires of men, held back each year by the warm hand of spring. But now she has let loose demons of cold to invade the warm southern lands and wrap them in her icy grip. Only the most hardy of heroes can venture into her frozen realm to stop her, before all the world is embraced by her winter spell.

Realm of the Ice Witch is a two- to four-player Dungeoneer card game. Your character explores a wilderness that you build with map cards, while fighting monsters, completing quests, and leveling up along the way.

Each Dungeoneer set can be played as a stand-alone card game, or combined with other decks for more dungeon-delving fun.

Realm of the Ice Witch features 110  Dungeoneer cards, including demon-themed monsters and six new heroes for your Dungeoneer game: Warblade, Witch-Warrior, Frostblade, Scout, Valkyrie, and Channeler.

2-4 players, 20-30 minutes per player, ages 12 and up

Thrice-Told Tales Hook: Sequels and Threequels

In the mood for a sequel?
Thrice-Told Tales is a collection of linked adventures, featuring the long-term consequences of events that pull the troupe back into the lives of those they previously met. In any Ars Magica saga, returning to older stories is a terrific way to encourage a world that feels real and reminds the players that their choices matter.
Thrice-Told Tales’ model of three-act stories that play out in individual episodes scattered over years is one you can use for your own sagas. After the first few stories in a saga, you might consider looking back at the characters, covenants, companions, and conspirators who made those stories exciting, and write out a list of the choices that the player characters made. Would the baron, freed from a Faerie enchantment, seek to bring war against Faeries later? Or would he send his trusted agents to find protective talismans against Faeries, thus coming into potential conflict with the troupe years later?
A villain who did not die in a previous story might return. A location of great significance may chang in intervening years, now holding greater secrets. An item or treasured tractatus might go missing, just when the covenant is called up on to return it to those from whom they first acquired it. The possibilities for using what came before as the engine of future adventures are endless, and make even the simplest stories richer and more memorable.
If you’re looking for a place to start, check out or return to Tales of Mythic Europe and Hooks, both of which contain short scenarios just asking to be expanded and re-visited!

Thrice-Told Tales is Arriving in Stores

Many adventure collections present stories that entertain the players for one or two sessions but rarely do they get to see the long-term effects of their heroic actions. In Thrice-Told Tales, the actions of the troupe have long-term consequences for their characters and covenants. 

For the first time, this Ars Magica Fifth Edition book contains five adventures, each presenting issues and situations that cannot be fully resolved in a single story, but which return to draw the characters back in years later. The choices made in earlier scenarios create a tapestry of later outcomes, a saga stitched in threads of the Divine, the Infernal, the Faerie, and the Magical. Each is a sequence in three acts, drawing on characters and locations that come alive only over the many-year campaigns Ars Magica is famous for.

Thrice-Told Tales features stories by Christian Roesenkjaer Andersen, David MacGregor, Christian Jensen Romer, Matt Ryan, and Mark Shirley. Cover illustration by Christian St. Pierre; interior illustration by Brett Barkley, Jason Cole, Jenna Fowler, Jethro Lentle, and Christian St. Pierre, with cartography by Matt Ryan.