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Atlas Games is Hiring!

We posted a pair (well, a trio) of job listings to our jobs page this morning. The first is for a part-time web designer and developer. The second and third describe positions for a graphic design intern, and a social media and marketing intern. We're only likely to hire one intern at a time, but we can use help in both of those areas, so we created two separate listings.

If one of these is the position for you, we look forward to hearing from you! If these aren't the opportunities for you but you know someone who might fit the bill, we'd be grateful if you'd spread the word.

Between Sand & Sea Hook: The Howling Thirst of the Maghreb

The old tribes of the Maghreb worshipped nature and the various spirits that resided in many sacred sites. While most of these spirits have faded away with the coming of Islam and the Divine, one sort of genii loci has persisted. Unconnected to any single location, the Magical spirits of the desert winds are a capricious family of entities who defy the beliefs of men and roam the sands.

The Sirocco is the hot, dust-bearing wind that comes from the southeast and often reaches hurricane speeds. Known to the locals as the Ghibli, this wind-spirit manifests as a veiled Tuareg warrior with a harsh temper and a blade to match. Howling winds of sand swirl around every step it takes. Few have braved the ferocity of the Sirocco and survived without extensive protection, both magical and mundane.

Between Sand & Sea provides the ideas, hooks, and background your Troupe needs to encounter the dangers of the desert in search of hidden lore. Whether it’s a howling wind spirit or a cult of sun-worshipping magicians, no two journeys into the sands of Mythic Africa are alike.

Sirocco Image from Beyond Sand & Sea

Learn more about the Howling Thirst of the Maghreb — and many other magical entities and creatures of Mythic Africa— in Between Sand & Sea for Ars Magica Fifth Edition, now available.

Thrice-Told Tales is the next Ars Magica saga supplement!

Ars Magica is a game that plays out across many years, as covenants of magi rise and fall, and old age is but one of the many obstacles to power the Orders of Hermes have dealt with. Your saga deserves stories that make use of this feature of the game, and Thrice-Told Tales answers that need.

Atlas Games is pleased to announce this new saga supplement for its Ars Magica Fifth Edition product line. Contained within are five sequences of three stories each, revisiting characters and situations over the toll of years. Thrice-Told Tales is set for release in June 2015 in softcover.

Through the Aegis off to Press; Table of Contents Available!

Through the Aegis, a sourcebook of developed covenants for your Ars Magica Fifth Edition saga, is off to press. To celebrate, as we always like to do, we've posted the Table of Contents for you to get a sneak peek into the wonders within this 160 page oversized volume.

Between Sand & Sea Arriving in Stores

Between the Great Desert to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the north lies a region barely inhabitable by humans — or so it seems. In fact, some of the largest and furthest-reaching dynasties known to the world have sprung from here, the lands of Mythic Africa. For the first time, this region and its many stories are brought to life in Ars Magica Fifth Edition.

Between Sand & Sea provides cultural and magical details for Mythic Africa, from the ruins of ancient Carthage to the bustling cities of the Tell and all of the vibrant locations and peoples between. Wind-haunted mountains, mysterious folk of the Great Desert, and cunning Settuten magicians give both players and storyguides alike a wealth of new and never-before-seen lore far from the routine of northern covenants and tribunals.

Between Sand & Sea was written by Timothy Ferguson, Lachlan Hayes, Ben McFarland, and Mark Shirley. Cover illustration by Christian St. Pierre; interior illustration by Brett Barkley, Jason Cole, Jenna Fowler, Jethro Lentle, and Christian St. Pierre, with cartography by Matt Ryan.

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