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A Quest and A Prize: Find “The Looking Glass”

In honor of the season of giving things we have chosen our most cheerful game for giving: Gloom. We have released flocks of this year’s Gloom convention promo card into the wild for you to find: the Story card called “The Looking Glass.”

Story Cards

Story cards in Gloom are an optional type of card that don't get shuffled in with the regular deck. Instead, two Story cards are selected at the start of the game and placed in the center of the table.

Each Story card has a character requirement (usually, a pair of living or dead characters having a specific icon showing) that must be met in order to claim it for your family, as well as an effect that comes into play so long as the card is claimed.

Claiming a Story card counts as one of your two plays. You can claim a Story card either from the center of the table or from another family so long as you meet the requirements. Or you can claim it from another family if you exceed them at the requirement.
When adding up your points at the end of the game Story cards claimed by your family may have an additional effect, contributing to your miserably satisfying victory.



“The Looking Glass” story cards are making their way all over the US and Canada. Look for them in sleeves attached to retail copies of Gloom and its expansions at these friendly, local game stores.


Halifax, NS - The Board Room Game Cafe; Longueuil, QC - Megasin Menard Comics; Quesnel, BC - K-Max Games & Videos; Sherbrooke, QC - Le Griffon Jeux et Fantaisies
Verdun, QC - Face to Face Games; Winnipeg, MB - GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff

AK: Soldotna - Hobbies, Crafts & Games.  AL: Heleyville - Top End Gaming.  AR: Little Rock - Game Goblins.  AZ: Prescott - Game On Card & Board Games; Prescott Valley - Game On Card & Board Games; Sierra Vista - Pyramid Comics & Games.  CA: Alameda - D20 Games; Bakersfield - Leeters; Bellflower - The Guild House; Berkeley - Games of Berkley; Chico - Bat Comics & Games; Garden Grove - Brookhurst Hobbies; Hilmar - GatePlay.com Game Store; Los Angeles - Whimsic Alley; San Diego - Game Empire San Leadro - The Comic Shop; Vacaville - Forgotten Path Games.  CO: Broomfield -  Kirin Games.  CT: Manchester - Time Machine Hobby. FL: Crestview - GameMasters Guild; Davie - The Adventure Game Store. GA: Athens - Tyche’s Games;  Canton - Dragons Eye Games;  McDonough - The Hobbit Hole. IL: Belleville - Fantasy Books; Carbondale - Castle Perilous Games & Books; Chicago - Chicagoland Games; Chicago - Da Sorce; Edwardsville - Heroic Adventures; Fairview Heights - Fantasy Book & Games; Marion - Fox Comics and Games; Villa Park - Tyton Games. IN: Decatur - DZ Gaming; Evansville - Book and Music Exchange; Fort Wayne - Game Knight; Goshen - Better World Books; Greenfield - Hometown Comics and Games; Hobart - Mr. Sweets Games and Candy; Huntingburg - Game Knight; Indianapolis - Comic Carnival; Muncie - Atomic Comics; South Bend - Griffon Books & Games. KY: Bowling Green - Local Gaming Store; Henderson, Louisville and Owensboro - Book and Music Exchange; Owensboro - MoneyTree; Richmond - Cafe Meeples; Richmond - Cosmic Oasis Game & Geek.  MD: Frederick - Beyond Comics; Gaithersburg - Beyond Comics.  MI: Ann Arbor - Vault of Midnight; Brighton - Just For Fun Hobbies; Dearborn - Sundance Games; Kalamazoo - Fanfare Sports & Entertainment; Flint - Rider’s Hobby Shop; Rochester Hills - Future Wars; Shelby Township - Sundance.  MN: Columbia Heights - Highlander Games and Comics; Grand Rapids - Infinite Games; Roseville - The Source Comics and Games; Waite Park - LionHeart Games. MO: Columbia - Magelings.  MT: Great Falls - Know Dice Games.  NC: Boone - The Mana Spot; Charlotte - Level Up Gaming; Four Oaks - Hobby Invasion; Greenville - Blue Ox Games; Richlands - Red Door Games. NE: Bellevue - The Game Shoppe.  NJ: Barnegat - Trotta’s Hobbies; Westmont - Top Deck Games.  NM: Farmington - Good Games; Santa Fe - Moon Rabbit Toys.  NY: Catskill - Kirwan’s Game Store; Cheektowaga - Niagara Hobby and Craft; Syracuse - Monthly Boxer.  OH: Cincinnati - Rockin Rooster Comics and Games; Dayton - Sepco Entertainment LLC; Mandfield - Heroes Haven; Mount Gilead - Fun Factory; Newbury - Diversions Hobbies and Games.  OR: Aloha - Rainy Day Games; Portland - Red Castle Games.  PA: Cranberry Township - Hobby Express; Erie - Gateway Games; Westboro - Pop’s Culture Shoppe.  SC: Columbia - Firefly Toys & Games.  TN: Jasper - Beach Magic Games & More; Ooltewah - Epikos Comics Cards Games.  TX: Arlington - East Wind Games; Coppell - Roll2Play; Fort Worth - Collected Comics & Games; Fort Worth - Collected Comics & Games - Keller; Fort Worth - Collected Comics & Games - TCU; Fort Worth - Sci Fi Factory; Hurst - Collected Comics & Games; Plano - Collected Comics & Games.  UT: Orem - Boardgame Revolution; Riverton - Fongo Bongo Games; Salt Lake City - Dr Volt’s Comic Connection; Salt Lake City - Hastur Games & Comics. VA: Martinsville - Weston’s Dugout.  WA: Bellevue, Redmond and Spokane - Uncle’s Games, Spokane Valley - Uncle’s Games, Tacoma - Tacoma Games.  WI: Glendale - The Board Game Barrister; Greenfeild - The Board Game Barrister; Kenosha - Rockhead’s Comics and Games; Madison - Pegasus Games;  Manitowoc - Bad Panda Games; Milwaukee - The Board Game Barrister; Sheboygan - The Game Board.  WY: Cheyenne - Gryphon Games & Comics; Rock Springs - Beasts & Barbarians Games.

Do you run a retail store, but don't see your shop named above? We mailed to this list because all of these stores visited us at trade shows and conventions over the course of 2014 and asked us to add them to our mailing list. If you run a store and would like copies of "The Looking Glass" to dress up your Gloom stock, send an email to sales at atlas dash games dot com and we'll make it happen.

Gaming for the Greater Good

I think it's fair to say that all lovers of board games are happy to be welcoming so many new gamers into the fold. Whether they've been enticed by one of any number of the super fun episodes of Geek&Sundry's TableTop, by the gang on The Big Bang Theory, or fun phone apps that existed in real life first doesn't really matter. We're just happy to have them on board. So it was an extra special holiday treat to come back to the office today to discover that The Guardian newspaper of the UK has a whole slew of tabletop games included in their Gaming section, usually overrun by the technologically impressive world of console games. Not only do card and board games get solid doses of love and attention here, it comes in the form of headlines like 12 Board Games to Make you a Better Person.

And that's cool, but our very own Once Upon a Time and accompanying Writer's Guide are the very first items on the list, identified as being creatively inspirational. Cooperative games and other conversation and imagination generated games get singled out as well, calling to mind the fact that there's much more to be learned from games than taking turns and winning and losing. In fact, this article by a gaming parent talks about how board games provide an important structure for her to spend creative and educational time with her kids when she comes home tired from work. Normally when you're wiped out from life in general the idea of doing something - anything - creative and engaging can be overwhelming. But with the guidance of some meeple or dice or cards and you're well on your way to fun and self improvement.

Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa Table of Contents!

Our first major preview of the upcoming Ars Magica Fifth Edition release, Between Sand & Sea, is now live! Follow this link to get a look at the table of contents for this sourcebook of Mythic Africa, scheduled for release next month.

Have you Tried Murder of Crows? It's Killer.

Need last minute Halloween plans or one more perfect game to fill out your tabletop night lineup? Break out that copy of Murder of Crows! Game creators Ed Baraf and Thomas Denmark have created a refresher on how to play. It’s quick, easy, creepy fun.

Appreciation, Acknowledgement, & Action-Packing

Here at Atlas Games, we want to start by thanking every single one of you who supported, backed, shared the news, tweeted, blogged, status-updated, and play tested FENG SHUI 2 as it gathered sufficient Kickstarter chi energy to power a thousand pagodas. As a result of this combined effort, FENG SHUI 2 will be a gorgeous full-color hardcover book packed with so much awesome that, in the end, it has burst through its traditional casebound borders and beyond.

What's the upshot of gaining 3402 backers and $185,137 in pledges? Aside from the core rulebook — with a full slate of 36 archetypes, color art throughout, resilient binding, and six pop-up junctures — this campaign unlocked a GM screen that includes 15 ready-made fight locations; Blowing Up the Movies, Robin's treatment of action movie favorites with game-ready notes; the online mook generator; and Secrets of the Chi War, a bonus PDF product that includes a selection of tremendous bonus content for all FENG SHUI 2 campaigns.

You can see the full list of unlocked goals here: http://atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/FS2_Stretch_Goals.pdf

Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for joining us in bringing back FENG SHUI for a new generation of Dragons! You do, in fact, have mighty kung fu.

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