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Appreciation, Acknowledgement, & Action-Packing

Here at Atlas Games, we want to start by thanking every single one of you who supported, backed, shared the news, tweeted, blogged, status-updated, and play tested FENG SHUI 2 as it gathered sufficient Kickstarter chi energy to power a thousand pagodas. As a result of this combined effort, FENG SHUI 2 will be a gorgeous full-color hardcover book packed with so much awesome that, in the end, it has burst through its traditional casebound borders and beyond.

What's the upshot of gaining 3402 backers and $185,137 in pledges? Aside from the core rulebook — with a full slate of 36 archetypes, color art throughout, resilient binding, and six pop-up junctures — this campaign unlocked a GM screen that includes 15 ready-made fight locations; Blowing Up the Movies, Robin's treatment of action movie favorites with game-ready notes; the online mook generator; and Secrets of the Chi War, a bonus PDF product that includes a selection of tremendous bonus content for all FENG SHUI 2 campaigns.

You can see the full list of unlocked goals here:

Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for joining us in bringing back FENG SHUI for a new generation of Dragons! You do, in fact, have mighty kung fu.

Countdown to Save The World

The big Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter concludes tonight at a minute before 11:00 Central Time.  As things accelerate in the final hours, the stretch goals have been falling like over-acting mooks, but there are plenty more to mow down in the next seven hours!

Due to the many the stretch goals already achieved, the rewards for backing even at the "Everyday Hero" level are amazing.  A mere $10 now scores you a PDF of the new core rulebook, the Fistful of Fight Scenes PDF, the Blowing Up the Movies e-book, a PDF of the adventure Burning Shaolin updated for the new edition, and the still-growing PDF sourcebook Secrets of the Chi War.  If the full printed hardcover exceeds your budget today, jump on this crazy deal now -- and grab the physical book next year at fine game stores worldwide!

If you haven't backed it, be sure to visit the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter page before it's too late -- and if you have, now is the time to send up a flare to call in heroic reinforcements from among all your gamer friends!

Blowing Up... Everything!

If you're one of over 2600 backers of the FENG SHUI 2 Kickstarter, you've no doubt already been apprised of the deluge of dynamic stretch goals we unleashed this morning. As the chi energy surges into the Netherworld and out into all times and places, one series of goals shines out: The Blowing Up City Guides!

Packaged with the separate SECRETS OF THE CHI WAR book that everyone gets in PDF format if they back the Kickstarter at the Everyday Hero level or higher, these city guides are packed with pulse-pounding fist-smacking time-crossing goodness. Backers have already unlocked Blowing Up Canton, but in the pipeline are ten more city guides tied to the various prime junctures  — from the mysteries of Macao to the horrors of Apeworld. Here's a sample:

Blowing Up Chang'An: The capital city of Tang Dynasty China bustles with energy as the imperious Wu Zetian, first and only female Emperor, cranks up her building spree. Her gleaming pagodas channel chi energy as envious Lotus sorcerers lurk in the fringes, looking for weaknesses to exploit. This city guide gives you all the glamor, glory, and paranoia of the Ancient juncture’s political lodestar.

With your support, you can help us unlock even more wild wuxia secrets until the SECRETS OF THE CHI WAR is a truly monumental supplement for everyone!

Final Stretch on the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter

We're going into the last few days of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Feng Shui 2.  The response has been tremendous so far, and as we move into the blur of the last remaining hours, we've unveiled a huge list of stretch goals in the latest update (read it here).  Like in any action movie, we're hoping for a grand finale of explosions, blowing away one stretch goal after another right up until the credits roll.

Join the mayhem by backing Feng Shui 2 before the timer hits zero!

Mythic Locations Hooks: The Lost Temple of Mercury

Every apprentice learns that the Order of Hermes derives from the fabled Cult of Mercury, a group of magi who practiced their arts in the days of the Roman Empire. From time to time, learned Hermetic magi discover forgotten lore or rituals lost to memory, adding them to their libraries and studying them in their laboratories. What eludes them all is the location of the Great Temple of Mercury, wherein — according to legend — artifacts and spells of such power as to rival the greatest magi of history are housed.

Mythic Locations provides the ideas, hooks, and background your Troupe needs to allow an ambitious magus — or even your entire covenant — to research and quest for the Great Temple. From writings in the Edicts of Augustus to fragments among the Roman Astrological Correspondences of Mercury, dramatic opportunities abound. Beware, though: The ancient trove’s guardian and dangers are defended.
Learn more about the secrets of the Great Temple of Mercury — and nine other captivating locales for adventure — in Mythic Locations for Ars Magica Fifth Edition, now available.

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