Hi there, I'm Will Hindmarch, the webjack here at Atlas Games. First of all, pardon our dust as we reformat, clean and augment our website. On the one hand, it's been a long time coming. On the other hand, that's because the site has so many great little features that it was hard to wrangle them all. Check out some of the PDFs you might have missed on the Penumbra downloads page, or read our new article from Nyambe creator Chris Dolunt.

We've also got a new front page feature: the Pipeline. Keep your eyes on that to see what we're up to and what's on the way. Keep in mind, too, that the Pipeline isn't a strict schedule, it's just a look ahead.

Finally, there's the new feature you're looking at right now. The look of this little page will change in the future, but in the meantime the nice folks at BlogSpot are letting us use this space for free. The Atlas Dispatches (name stolen from John Tynes) are the place to get late-breaking news and little updates from us in the office. Check in here to see what's what.

Thanks for stopping by! Now, go find a game store, pick out a game and get playing!

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