No Time For Bustle
Busy, busy here at the Atlas offices. We've got books in production as usual, website shenanigans going on, advertising and review business to tackle and the bright lights, plastic dividers of Las Vegas coming up. Retailers, be sure to yank on John or Michelle's sleeve and ask them to see the covers of our new books; they're bringing a binder teeming with new art by Thomas Denmark, Steve Sanders and more. Good stuff. With all this hustle, who's got the time for bustle?

Meanwhile, votes are in on the Dynasties and Demagogues issue. We'll be passing personality feats on to you, by popular demand. By "popular" I mean this: more than 95% of all votes were in favor of personality feats. The people, as they say, have spoken.

Lots more going on next week, too. Stay tuned.

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