Gorillas and Holy Ground

I am so psyched to be working on Gorilla Warfare right now. We've recently gotten to see the stellar cover by Steven Sanders, which Scott will be sharing with you before long, and soon I'll get to usher the book through layout. This is a fun one, if you like mechanized gorillas. If you don't like intelligent, belligerent simians then, quite frankly, you might have a screw loose. If you have a screw loose, you're sure to like Gorilla Warfare, too.

Sacred Ground, the next book in our Penumbra series of campaign sites sourcebooks (Seven Strongholds and Seven Cities) is going out the door to the printers, and I had a real good time wading through that book. (No one in the office will believe me, but it's true!) I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think of that book. Scott's map work is something wonderful, and we'll give you a taste of it on the website when the book becomes available for pre-orders through Warehouse 23.

What's that, you haven't heard about online preorders? That's because it's not Wednesday yet, when you'll be able to secure your copies (or put your e-dibs on them, if you will) of our forthcoming titles. So tune in tomorrow, folks, for the skinny on that!

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