Atlas Games Distributor Update
May 5, 2003

[This went out to distributors a couple days ago, but I figured I'd post it to our blog, too! Uncommon Character was just delivered by the printe this morning, and Break Today is expected tomorrow.]


New This Week: Break Today and Uncommon Character

We'll have two new titles shipping this week: Break Today (the hardcover Mak Attax sourcebook for Unknown Armies) and Uncommon Character (a Penumbra book of ready-made NPCs and lots of other new crunchy bits for the D20 System).

Break Today:
Stock No. AG6007, ISBN 1-58978-016-7, 144 pp hardcover, $29.95

Uncommon Character:
Stock No. AG3219, ISBN 1-58978-031-0, 128 pp softcover, $21.95 SRP.

ORDER DEADLINE: Thursday, May 7th


Next Up: Sacred Ground

Our next new release will be Sacred Ground, the latest in the Campaign Sites series of Penumbra sourcebooks (after Seven Cities and Seven Strongholds). The earlier two titles have proven to be consistent re-sellers, demonstrating their value to D20 System GMs.

Sacred Ground:
Stock No. AG3221, ISBN 1-58978-034-5, 112 pp softcover, $19.95

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, May 19th


Updated Release Schedule

Now At Press:
AG3219 Uncommon Character (Penumbra/D20) $21.95 - ships 5/7
AG6007 Break Today (UA) HC $29.95 - ships 5/7
AG3221 Sacred Ground (Penumbra/D20) 19.95 - ships 5/19
AG3218 Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary (Penumbra/D20) HC $44.95 - ships mid-June

AG3402 The Black Monks of Glastonbury (Coriolis ArM/D20) $17.95 - now expected to be June release

AG3403 Last Hero in Scandinavia (Coriolis Rune/D20) $19.95

AG4009 Gorilla Warfare (Feng Shui) HC $29.95
AG3222 En Route 2: By Land or by Sea (Pen/D20) $19.95

AG0267 Sanctuary of Ice (ArM) HC $29.95
AG3223 Crime & Punishment (Penumbra/D20) HC $29.95

AG3702 Ancestral Vault (Nyambe/D20) $19.95

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