Books On A Truck

Ugh! I'm tired! Break Today was delivered early this afternoon -- four days later than expected, but these things happen. So we shipped it out to distributors all over the world, along with Uncommon Character, the latest Penumbra sourcebook. Watch for them to appear in stores in the coming week or two.

Meanwhile, time for me to finish my proofreading of David Chart's The Black Monks of Glastonbury. I'm really enjoying it, even though I've already read an earlier draft. Scott's layout is beautiful and appropriate. Besides some original artwork, it makes good use of some Medieval woodcuts and wonderful Gustav Dore engravings from Idylls of the King. (Yup, there's an Arthurian connection in this book.)

Next week we'll be shipping Sacred Ground, the latest campaign sites sourcebook (along with Seven Cities and Seven Strongholds).

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