Brannon Hollingsworth Signing

May, 2003

At The Lion & Unicorn, a local gaming store in Birmingham, Alabama, game designer Brannon Hollingsworth is scheduled to sign books and run a contest. The signing is scheduled to take place from 1:00 ˆ 3:00 PM on Saturday, May 24th.

Brannon Hollingsworth was one of the contributing authors who submitted monsters for the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary. His other publishing credits include: Danger in Deadwood, (co-authored with Ken Marable); Dark Welcomes, an introductory adventure for the Oathbound Campaign Setting as well as assist on the development of the Oathbound Campaign Setting itself. Brannon’s work to date has been for several D20 publishers including Bastion Press, Sovereign Press, Necromancer Games, Atlas Games, Eden Studios, Skeleton Key Games, Ambient, Inc., and Citizen Games.

In the coming months, Brannon’s work will be appearing in Dragon Magazine, The EN World Player’s Journal, Gaming Frontiers, several new Bastion Press releases, a book from Natural 20 Press, an article in the RPG Freelancers Guide and numerous adventures with Brannon has also recently opened a website, The Enkwell.

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