Atlas Games Presents
Blood of the Valiant
The Revised and Expanded Guiding Hand Sourcebook for Feng Shui
by Chris Pramas, with additional new material by Keith Baker

The year is 1850. Western Imperialists are encroaching upon China...and so are threats from other times, spilling through Netherworld portals, plotting to control the powerful feng shui of this juncture. Standing up against them are the toughest Shaolin monks of all the ages: The Guiding Hand.

Meet Quan Lo, the Perfect Master; his Six Principles give purpose to the Guiding Hand, but don't let that serene demeanor fool you. Meet Wong Fei Hong, Fong Sai Yuk, and other kung fu heroes of legend. Learn about the history, philosophy, and organization of the Guiding Hand. Discover Quan Lo's plans, and the part your corpse can play in them. Thrill to six new character types, three new fu paths, and lots of guns native to the 1850 juncture. As if that weren't enough, we've got an adventure to take you into the heart of the Darkness Pagoda itself.

Blood of the Valiant originally appeared in 1998, produced by Ronin Publishing. This new edition from Atlas Games will be published in hardcover format, and features a bonus new chapter and new artwork. It's a book no Feng Shui player will want to miss!

"Your kung fu is very good, young dragon, but try my Shaolin Fist!"

Stock Number: AG4010 • ISBN 1-58978-043-4 • SRP $29.95 (US)
Cover Art: Kagan McLeod • Description: 144 pages, hardcover

Shipping to Distributors in October 2003

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