Back in the Twin Cities
No, they didn't forget to pack me up with the rest of the booth. I am back in the Atlas offices following a stellar and sublime GenCon. Being back amongst people who live in just one city was rather quaint, but in the best possible way. Indianapolis was a delight, and the trip was not at all difficult, all things considered. The highlight of GenCon is always the people that I get to meet, catch up with, be mistaken for, or walk past. This year was by far the biggest show on all those fronts.

Much to my delight, Gorilla Warfare appeared at the show in addition to Last Hero in Scandinavia. Gorilla Warfare, remember, is our all-new Feng Shui title. Even as it sits all shiny-new on my desk, I am preparing for the release of our next Feng Shui book: our reprint of the Guiding Hand sourcebook, Blood of the Valiant, featuring brand-new material by the esteemable Keith Baker. Beyond that, we've got books in the works for next year that I think will surprise and excite every Feng Shui fan.

How can I mention GenCon without also mentioning our EN World awards? I got to tread a stage in front of some of the finest talents in gaming in joint acceptance of the Ennie for Unknown Armies. Better still, I got to meet Chris Aylott (Last Hero in Scandinavia) right before he became famous as the author of this year's Best Rules Supplement, Dynasties & Demagogues. That was a trip. I'm honored to share space on the credits page of that book with you, Chris.

Did I mention that Keith Baker's Crime & Punishment, the next in our "Campaign Styles" series after Dynasties, is just finishing up the final proof-reading process this week? That means the book is not far from the printer and, then, not far from you. I'm quite anxious to see what you all think of it. Which reminds me: back to work!

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