So, you've already read about Sacred Ground 2, Crime & Punishment, and Blood of the Valiant. Did you know that Blood of the Valiant marks the return of Infinite Kung-Fu's Kagan McLeod to the world of Feng Shui? I'm delighted to tell you that Kagan is now at work on a stellar new cover for us that promises to be the kung-fu-iest Feng Shui book cover to date. Plus, I'm putting together what promises to be a handsome collection of new art from both original, authentic sources and awesome, new talents that I think will make this edition of Blood of the Valiant a real prize. Plus, it's got stats for freaking Wong Fei Hong, so what more do you want?

Meanwhile, I've begun layout on Keith Baker's Crime and Punishment, which looks like it will wonderful as Dynasties & Demagogues, but in totally different ways. This book even contains the true story behind Keith Baker's winning idea for the Wizards of the Coast Setting Search. You don't want to miss that.

Finally, John has just come by my office to let me know that I am to proceed on the webpage supporting our big, secret announcement here at Atlas. Tune in tomorrow for that exciting news!

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