Atlas Wins 2 Gold ENnies!

Atlas Games was proud to receive two Gold ENnies at GenCon this year!

Unknown Armies 2nd Edition, by John Tynes and Greg Stolze, received an ENnie for Non-Open Gaming Product. Unknown Armies is a roleplaying game of modern occult intrigue, in which players use magic based on obsession and paradox to shape the next incarnation of reality. Dipsomancers find truth at the bottom of a liquor bottle, and Narco-Alchemists know that when you're high you can see for miles. Meanwhile, avatars strive to so embody an archetype of the collective unconscious that they ascend into the Invisible Clergy. When the number of archetypes reaches 333, the world ends the and the new world is born in their image. See for more info on Unknown Armies.

Chris Aylott was on hand to accept the ENnie for Best Rules Supplement for his Dynasties & Demagogues. This sourcebook is a toolkit for running and playing in political adventures in any D20 System campaign setting. Designed for both players and GMs, it provides an in-depth look at the hidden rules of political intrigue and power brokering. Players are challenged to unravel the schemes of duplicitous enemies and allies alike as part of their characters' own rise to power. For GMs, Dynasties and Demagogues affords a close look at the nitty-gritty of political campaigns fraught with plots and counter-plots, assassinations, duels, and changing allegiances, all tied together in an intricate web of power relations. See for more info on Dynasties and Demagogues.

We couldn't be happier for Chris, John, and Greg, or more pleased to be working with them. Congratulations to them and to all of this year's winners!

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