Game Demo Exchange Goes Live

Gold Rush Games and Atlas Games are pleased to announce the creation of the Game Demo Exchange, a new forum designed to increase the incentive for demo team members across the hobby games industry. The Game Demo Exchange is a bulletin board hosted at , the informational web site featuring demo team contact information for RPG, card game, miniatures, and board game publishers. The Game Demo Exchange was conceived of and designed through a joint venture between Gold Rush Games and Atlas Games as a way to increase the productiveness of demo teams by cooperating with other publishers. By joining in the discussion, members of different demo teams can make private trades of game product that they've earned for their demo work. In this way, demo team members can receive other publishers' products without having to join another demo team.

Publishers who would like to support this forum can place a link to the site on their own demo team web page and encourage their demo team members to check it out. Publishers interested in becoming Premier Companies, having their logo placed on the web site and a special thread on , can contact Mark Arsenault at . The more publishers involved in the Game Demo Exchange, the more incentive it gives our demo people!

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