Lest I Be Misunderstood
In truth I'm not the 'shroom-feasting lunatic I come across as online. Must be the beard. I just genuinely hoped that the celestial event which coincided with my birthday would bestow upon me some sort of supernatural might. Instead, I got tacos and the promise of a new bike (almost as sweet as the object itself). Aren't I allowed one public mention of it? Ray Bradbury (who is in all ways wonderful) got mentioned on NPR every hour, and his birthday was four days before the fateful planetary passing. Sure, he also wrote some book about Mars or something, and I didn't. Throw that in my face again.

Sensible Update
Blood of the Valiant is proceeding smoothly now, though it's had its setbacks. The book's new material by Keith Baker has come in right on schedule and looks good. I'm presently neck deep in layout, but expect the book will make it out to the printer early next week. I'm going to have an urgent need to see Once Upon a Time in China III again right after that, though, for the White Lotus ceremony therein. Then it's on to the next big Feng Shui project, which is still too secret for me to mention.

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