Playing Catch-Up
The fun but hectic work I got to do on Dork20 has held up a lot of routine web stuff, so I've tackled most of that today. I've got emails from some you kind folks to address, such as busted PDF links and embarassing typos on my part. For now, at least, you'll have to settle for new book covers (like Love & War and Sacred Ground 2), the Dork20 temporary page, and the release of three new books. Yes, three.

For those of you, and there were lots, who wrote in about our Spanish edition of Once Upon A Time, I've made it much easier to identify the Spanish language link on our page. Or, of course, you could just click here to order that Spanish edition right now. I've emailed a lot of you back, but I thought I'd go public because I also just found at least one person who I missed! (Seriously, I received something in the neighborhood of a dozen emails about the Spanish edition -- all at once!) So I'll be getting to you next. In the meantime, if you didn't know there was a Spanish edition of Once Upon A Time, now you do. There's also an Italian edition, located on that same page. Great for foreign language teachers.

Gotta run. Still way behind!


  1. The link for the Spanish version says "Page not found". Can you please tell me how I can order the Spanish "Once upon a time" game? Thank you!

    1. Hello!

      Sorry, that link is ridiculously old. This one will take you the online retailer that sells the Spanish Version. Thank you!