Settlers of the Office
Yes, that's a Settlers of Catan joke. You couldn't tell because it was lame. But we're a game company and we're settling into our new office and I'm lame (!), so it seemed fitting. We'll see if I get mail about that.

Anyway, here we are in a new-to-us office, with fresh paint and fresh carpet, a dwindling amount of new warehouse space and a nice big meeting area that show's off the vast collection of books which Atlas has amassed over its ten years in the old digs. There are still some kinks to get worked out here, but at least I can now get back to being properly behind schedule rather than heinously behind schedule. I'm tackling some website work today and wrangling in Iron & Silk for the rest of the week. E-mail is once again flowing like the St. Croix, which is to say steadily and cold. So, if you can't get a hold of me this week it's not because of the network, it's because I'm busy and avoiding you. Fair warning.

Now, to distract you, here are some pictures of the new office as it appeared last week during The Unpacking. I didn't include any shots of my office because, really, who wants pictures of their office plastered on the Internet anyway?

John's Office

Michelle's Office

The Warehouse

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