This is the latest update I sent around to our distributors on Friday.

Atlas Games Distributor Update
Halloween, 2003

Order Deadline Monday

Just to remind everyone, Monday is the order deadline for three things: the Once Upon A Time reprint (AG1001, $20.95), the new Unknown Armies hardcover To Go (AG6008, $29.95), and for non-US customers only, the Dork20 Deck (AG3227, $12.95). Thank you to the folks who already gave me their numbers.

The next order deadline (as previously announced) will be November 17, for Dork20 (US customers) and Blood of the Valiant (Feng Shui RPG, AG4010, $29.95).

Almost Sold Out: Postmodern Magick
After the latest round of restock orders this week, I have only six copies of AG6003 Postmodern Magick left for sale, then it will be out of print. First come, first served. There are no plans for a reprint. [EDIT: The last copies are already taken by a UK distributor, so this book is now officially out of print. Note that there should still be a lot of copies available for sale from retailers, including Warehouse 23 -- we just won't be able to resupply those folks when they sell through their existing stock.]

Love & War Rescheduled

You may have noticed our release schedule has been pretty busy this fall. We've decided, consequently, to push back the release of the Penumbra hardcover Love and War (AG3226, $29.95) until February of 2004 -- appropriately enough, that makes it a Valentine's Day holiday release. There will also be an Ars Magica book in February; details to come soon.

Dec. 1 Order Deadline: SG2, Faerie Stories

There are two other books at press currently: Sacred Ground II (Penumbra D20; AG3225, $19.95) and Faerie Stories (Ars Magica RPG, AG0271, $22.95). The order deadline for these books is Monday, Dec. 1. At this point I do not yet know if we will ship them together or separately.

In any case, those two books will finish off our new releases for a very busy 2003!

Moving Offices

In the next couple of weeks we will be moving to a new location. Next week, at least, I will still be coordinating the shipments from our current location. We may not be able to ship orders during the week of Nov. 10-15, during which the bulk of our moving should take place. I hope that we will be able to keep the same phone and fax number in the new building, but I don't yet know for certain.

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