Two Drops of Blood of the Valiant
Blood of the Valiant really is one of my favorite Feng Shui books. I'm delighted to have had a hand in bringing it back into print. Our new "Expanded Edition" features new art from folks like Kagan McLeod, Conley Philpott, and Scott Reeves, new graphics, the return of a few tidbits that had been cut from Chris (Green Ronin) Pramas's excellent original manuscript, and a whole new chapter from the prolific and talented game designer Keith Baker (En Route 2, Crime & Punishment). I'm interested to see fans compare this edition to the previous one.

Right now, you can inspect two pages from the new edition by downloading them in PDF format from our website. Meet Caesar Mack, Vietnam vet and founder of the Black Dragon School. See a flash of one possible future with "Crouching Tiger, Mad Max", a page from the book's new chapter on critical shifts triggered by Guiding Hand victories. When you've seen them, let us know what you think.

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