Visit the Sacred Sea Dragon Shrine
We're pleased to announce the release of Sacred Ground 2, the next in our Campaign Sites series. You'll recall that this series of softcover sourcebooks began with Robin Laws's Seven Strongholds back in the day and was last continued with Sacred Ground earlier this year. Now, with Sacred Ground 2, we give you four more culturally diverse holy sites ready to use in any fantasy roleplaying campaign. Each site comes from a different, accomplished author—Adam Bank, Chris Jones, James Maliszewski, or Rick Neal—and features complete, compelling characters, new deities, new magic, and a vivid setting you can visit once or install permanently in your game setting.

Get a look at four pages from Chris Jones's exotic, reverent, and mysterious sea-dragon shrine, Hai Shen Gong, by coming by and clicking on the Sacred Ground 2 link. Download the Sacred Ground 2 preview PDF and then drop us a line at the EN World messageboards or on our own forums. We eager to hear your thoughts!

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