Peering Into the Future

We've been doing a lot of work on our release schedule for the year, and this is shaping up to be one of the best yet for Atlas Games. Among the exciting projects you can expect to see announced at or before the GAMA Trade Show next month:

  • June: Once Upon A Time™: Dark Tales (card game expansion) and Once Upon A Time blank cards
  • July: Dungeoneer: The Haunted Woods of Malthorin™ and Dungeoneer: Den of the Rat King™ (two-player card games that can be played alone or mixed with other Dungeoneer sets)
  • July: The Fallen Fane, an Ars Magica™ live action book, and the final release for the Ars Magica product line before the release of 5th Edition.
  • August: Blowing Up Hong Kong, a supplement that Feng Shui players have been anticipating for about eight years
  • August: Cthulhu 500™ , a card game of Lovecraftian race track madness
  • 4th Quarter: Ars Magica 5th Edition

    Release Calendar Update

    Here's a summary of the upcoming titles that we have solicited so far for release in 2004.

    Month Item Description (Game) SRP (US$)
    Feb AG3226 Love & War (Penumbra/D20) HC 29.95
    Feb AG0272 Living Lore (Ars Magica) HC 29.95
    Mar AG1102 Lunch Money™ : Sticks and Stones (deck) 9.95
    Mar AG1103 LM: S&S POP display (10 games) 99.50
    Apr AG3228 En Route 3: The Road Less Traveled (d20) 17.95
    Apr AG4012 Friends of the Dragon (Feng Shui) 17.95
    May AG0273 Cause and Cure (Ars Magica) 17.95
    May AG1104 Beer Money™ (deck) 19.95
    May AG1105 Beer Money POP Display (5 games) 99.75
    Jun AG3229 Seven Serpents (Penumbra/D20) 22.95

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