OK, we're now officially sold out of Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones. It's been available for a whopping three business days.

Of course, your local game store hasn't yet received their copies of the game, so don't panic -- and their distributor probably will have copies on hand to restock them, too. Warehouse 23 still has it, and some of the last copies from our warehouse are going to beef up their inventory.

The fact that all of the print run is out in the "channels" (in distribution, as opposed to in consumer hands) is why I'm not going to order up a reprint before I leave on vacation. By the time I get back, I should be able to get some better feedback from game stores and distributors about how well it's selling on the front lines. It's too soon to say if the product now in transit is a six day supply for the world's game stores, or a six month supply. If gamers are as excited about the game as game retailers and distributors seem to be, though, it's probably going to be selling fast.

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