Cause and Cure Ships Next Week

We will be shipping the next Ars Magica release, Cause and Cure, a week from today -- Monday, May 3rd. This week our wholesalers are busy compiling pre-orders and making their purchasing decisions, so it's a good time for you to check in with your favorite game merchant and make sure a copy is going to be set aside for you!

By the way, Cause and Cure is the 23rd and last supplement that will be released in the 4th Edition Ars Magica product line. The next item on the schedule is The Fallen Fane, a free-form LARP (thus not using any edition rules) due for release in July. After that will come 5th Edition this fall -- and at the same time, we'll be debuting support for the line with a reincarnation of the ancient classic, The Broken Covenant of Calebais.

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