Every Twenty Years or So
After twenty-odd years, John Nephew has returned to Castle Trim in Ireland. On his first visit to the place, as a wee lad, it was a marvelous ruin full of adventure and mystery where a boy could imagine sword-fights or seriously hurt himself. Since then, Mel Gibson has won an Oscar for his visit to the place in the mid-'90s. (Braveliver, was it? Something like that.)

Two decades of conservation money and a major restoration project prior to 2000 have turned Castle Trim into a marvelous ruin full of adventure and mystery plus guided tours and railings. None of this seems to have diminished John's delight in returning as an adult, married and responsible. Here's how Castle Trim looks in the modern day, with Michelle Nephew in the foreground.

It's the largest Norman fortress on the Emerald Isle.

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