Kung-Fu in Canada
While at the Great Canadian BayCon, I had the pleasure of meeting Zev, the founder and insidious mastermind of Z-Man Games. Zev, as you know, is the current publisher of the Shadowfist card game, sister to our own Feng Shui roleplaying game. Like so many sisters, they've grown apart over the years, met strange men (ahem), and only sometimes remember to call or write. So, seeing Zev's new Shadowfist expansion (the wonderfully titled Seven Masters vs. The Underworld) was something like get introduced to a niece. [Unnecessary Nephew-related pun cut for job security.]

What about you? Do you play both Feng Shui and Shadowfist? If not, how long has it been since you called to say hello?


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  2. I demo like a fool for Z-Man, and run Shadowfist Leagues. I own all the Feng Shui books, even two copies of the Guiding Hand book, as I'm a Special Ops guy.

    So, I keep in touch with both ends of the Shadowfist/Feng Shui Family.

    I play and own other games by both Z-Man and Atlas. Both great companies with great people... or, uhm Great Zev in Z-Man's case.


  3. Own most of the Feng Shui books, but have not found the Shadowfist cards-- and wouldn't have anyone to play against in my area (Magic and DBZ are far too popular here.)
    do a little writing with some of the character, but hey. don't we all?