New Car
If you like to ride shopping carts around the grocery store, then you'll love rocketing around the racetrack on this baby:

The Satanic Pushcart isn't just dangerous for little children to play in, it's dangerous for children, adults, and pets who live nearby. Load it up with maddening texts, orange juice concentrate, and gasoline, then get ready for a fiery competition that'll smell great in the morning. Or, if you like, fill it with hooded cultists and go play bumper cars in the Alpha Beta parking lot while the sun sets. Available in pumpkin orange, with wheels guaranteed* to work even when you take it away from the supermarket.

*Not a guarantee. This is just a bunch of fanciful movie and music references, and not a promise of what the Satanic Pushcart is good for in the forthcoming game, Cthulhu 500.