Update: Once Upon A Time Expansions

The latest word from our printer is that Once Upon A Time: Dark Tales (AG1003) and Once Upon A Time: Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards (AG1005) will be shipping to us on June 2nd. That should mean the games are in our warehouse either next Friday, June 4th, or the following Monday, June 7th. In either case, I'll be working to ship out our distributors' orders ASAP. For consumers, this all means that the two games should be showing up on your local game store shelves in about the middle of June, maybe sooner.

Various Titles Now Out of Print

The following titles are now sold out and out of print:

AG2917 Blood Nativity (Vampire: The Masquerade)
AG3209 Beyond the Veil (Penumbra/D20)
AG3219 Uncommon Character (Penumbra/D20)
AG5020 Streefighting (Cyberpunk)
AG5040 All Fall Down (Cyberpunk)
AG5045 Thicker Than Blood (Cyberpunk)
AG5050 The Bonin Horse (Cyberpunk)

There are no plans to reprint any of these titles -- they're gone for good, at least in paper format. (Uncommon Character is already on RPGNow as a pay-download, and Beyond the Veil should be there soon. The licensed adventures, however, are probably not going to go PDF.)

Your Pick: Hardcover or Software-Cover

Speaking of PDFs for sale...if you've long wondered about Robin Laws' novel, The Rough and the Smooth, but have never been up to shelling out the bucks for the printed hardcover, you may be interested to know that we've made it available on RPGNow as a PDF e-book as well, for the very reasonable price of $5.95.