Seven Serpents Slides toward Stores

On Friday we picked up the print run of Seven Serpents, the most recent Penumbra title, and the newest in the "campaign sites" series. It's chock-full of draconic goodness, being a collection of dragon lairs to challenge a wide range of d20 character parties. Watch for it very soon in a game store near you!

If you are interested in the book and spot a copy, don't dally. We printed this one to pre-orders -- meaning that while your local game store may be able to place a reorder (if their suppliers have extra copies on hand), none of our distributors will be able to reorder from us, and in fact we had to turn away orders that were submitted after the deadline (when we'd already set the print run). The book is available through Warehouse 23, in limited quantities, but we are not making this title available through Amazon or any other bookstores (since returnability would pretty much mess up the whole print-to-order thing).