Behold the Gloom!

I am really excited to share an image from Gloom, our upcoming game by Keith Baker that's due for release in October.  One of Gloom's major innovations is that it's printed on transparent plastic stock, and this is integrated into the game play.  There are various fields where cards may provide modifiers, and transparency and overprinting allows modifiers from lower cards to be either visible (and thus still having effect) or covered (and thus superseded by the newer card on top).

Our art director, Scott Reeves, made a mock-up of how some of the cards will look, to show off the transparency.  He made this image for the back of the tuckbox, but it's does such a great job of showing what the game will look like in hand that I wanted to share it with folks.

Another thing we're doing in the packaging is a cut-out on the front, so that one of the decks of cards will show through, allowing browsers in the store to see the actual transparent cardstock.

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  1. I really dig the idea of transparent cards. That is awesome.