ENnie Nominations Make Michelle Happy

We were thrilled to come in to work this morning and see that the ENnies nominations had been posted. Atlas Games products have been nominated for the following categories:

Best Aid or Accessory: Dork20
Best Graphic Design & Layout: Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary (Honorable Mention)
Best Rules Supplement: Crime & Punishment
Best Monster Supplement: Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary
Best Non-D20 Supplement: Friends of the Dragon (Feng Shui)
Best Non-D20 Setting or Setting Sourcebook: To Go (Unknown Armies)
Best Non-D20 Adventure: Black Monks of Glastonbury (Ars Magica/D20)
Best Non-D20 Adventure: To Go (Unknown Armies)
Best Licensed Product: Dork20 (Honorable Mention)

Thanks to the ENnies Awards committee, and congratulations to all our designers, whose hard work made this possible. Voting will begin in just a few days, so be sure to visit www.enworld.org!

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