Everything's Selling Out!

We've had a flurry of things selling out recently. Happily, numerous reprints are now in progress.

Unknown Armies 2nd Edition and Feng Shui core rulebooks: I placed the reprint orders for both of these essential titles right before Gen Con. We should have both back in stock by the last week of September.

Lunch Money and Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones: Last week the last of our Lunch Money stash was snatched up by distributors. Most distributors still have the game in stock (and are probably good for 1-2 months' supply), but our warehouse is empty! Sticks & Stones of course sold out back in March, but we've been helping shift around the stock that's out in the channels from those who had a lot to those who had little. This week I'll be placing the reprint order for both, with delivery expected in the second half of October. With luck, the temporary unavailability won't even be noticeable to stores or at least to consumers. If you run a store and your regular source has sold out of either of these titles, be sure to check with your secondary or tertiary distributor, since they may still have some.

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