Gen Con and Hong Kong
I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after Gen Con. It was a pleasure meeting a slew of new Feng Shui players and getting to chat about the game. Plus, I love any excuse to play Dungeoneer or, now, Cthulhu 500. Some day soon I hope to actually win a game of Cthulhu 500, no less.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to attend, you missed one heck of a venue for the Ennie Award ceremony this year:

Here we get (from left) John Nephew, Michelle Nephew, and Cthulhu 500 designer Jeff Tidball just moments after the ENnie win for Crime & Punishment.

Crime & Punishment, you'll recall, was written by Keith Baker. Here he is on the exhibitor floor. Normally Keith gets pictures of people with his cow, Bossy, but this year I turned the tables on him. I swear he's striking the same pose I did last year.

A special thanks must go out to all of you who sat in on Feng Shui games (beyond capacity) and recharged my batteries after the life-absorbing final week of work on Blowing Up Hong Kong (not to be confused with Bowling Up Hong Kong, which I have sadly been forced to remove from the schedule because it's not "relevant" or "a book," in John's words). I'm delighted to report that Blowing Up Hong Kong is off to press and is expected to be available sometime in September. Therefore, I'll be sharing with you all a few Hong Kong-related news items I've gotten in the habit of looking for every day or so.

The first, which many of you have probably already read about, I share not because it's a fine microcosmic view of the truth of the HK experience, but because it includes the phrase "drunk as a monkey". Please note that we at Atlas Games are not affiliated with any of the media outlets which I may link to; these were all yanked from the internet. I cannot and will not endorse or support the veracity of such reports. I may think they're funny or magnificently strange.

Lastly, I'll remind all you Feng Shui fans that the American theatrical release of Jet Li's Hero begins today. On my birthday. I'll hope that's a good sign.

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