Back in Stock

Today our printer delivered two very important reprints to our warehouse: Feng Shui and Unknown Armies 2nd Edition. You might not have noticed that they sold out (after all, copies have still been in distributor warehouses and on store shelves), but if you had any trouble finding either one, now your favorite game or book store should be able to get it for you easily.

Out of Stock

In other news, two other RPGs are now sold out. Over the Edge 2nd Edition is out of stock, but we'll reprint it in 2005 (tentatively in March). Rune is also gone from our shelves, but it has the status of "out of print" -- we are not planning to reprint this wonderful game of Viking mayhem, sadly. If you've been thinking about getting either one of these classic, innovative games for your collection, don't delay. As I write this, Warehouse 23 (who handle our mail order) probably has copies of both still in stock...but as time goes on, they'll be harder to find. When OTE does come back, it's certain to have a price increase, since its present $25 pricetag dates back to 1997.