I Voted!

Today I'm proudly wearing an "I Voted" sticker. Michelle and I stopped at the local polling station on the way to work today, since this is primary election day in Minnesota. I know primaries don't tend to get that much attention, and I've been as guilty as anyone in neglecting them before now -- I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever even voted in one! But their importance is clear. After all, who hasn't complained of the general election being a choice of "the lesser of two evils"? Well, in the primary, you get the chance to determine who will be on that general ballot for the party of your choice.

If you're in Minnesota, see if you can't make time to find out who the candidates are in your precinct, what they stand for...and stop by the polls to cast your own vote. The more people do, the better choices we'll have on the ballot in November.