Nine New Ars Magica 5th Edition Previews
That's right, I said nine. Fans have been making a lot of noise lately, and with good reason. A new edition of Ars Magica is on the way and we've hardly shown you anything yet! Today that changes. Check out the Ars Magica Fifth Edition preview page for eight new characters and David Chart's first Designer's Notes PDF article. They're all up right now for you to enjoy!

All the companion characters for Semita Errabunda, the Living Covenant, are now online to support the first wizard character: Darius. You'll find Darius in the fifth edition rulebook, too, so we're starting with him.

If you've been wondering what's different in Ars Magica's fifth edition, how, and why, then you're in luck. David Chart, the game's developer, has written four frank articles explaining the revision and expansion process. Today we've got the first one for you, which hints at the game's new combat system. Check back on Friday for the next Designer's note!

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  1. Will, could you put up all of the remaining Semita Errabunda characters? It would be a really fine farewell gift, and it would also save John the trouble of finding someone else to handle the matter. It's generous and efficient at the same time!