Call for Cartographers

With the recent departure of our staff artist, we are turning back to freelancers. We've got a filing cabinet full of illustrators' portfolios, but one area where we specifically need to build a stable of talent is cartography. We are particularly looking for folks who can draw maps appropriate for Ars Magica. It's important that the maps be done in a manner that is editable -- we need to be able to correct spelling mistakes, change typefaces, etc.; the ideal for us is a layered photoshop file, which allows us to manipulate the text on the map as needed (and even rearrange elements in some cases).

Samples can be sent to me. I need one or more actual maps that you've drawn, and your full contact information (including phone number). It's also helpful if you let me know any RPG products you've worked on in the past, and the rates that you can work for. (Let me be perfectly honest in stating that Ars cartography does not pay especially well; I don't want to waste the time of someone who is well outside of our price range.)

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