Election Day

If you're in the USA, you might have heard that there's an election today.

Whatever your political leanings, please make time to go to the polls. If you don't like the two major party candidates, that's no excuse; there are other candidates on the ballot, and other races that need your input. There is a whole subculture of political hacks who revel in low voter turnout and civic apathy -- it rationalizes their contempt for the electorate. For America's sake, stand up and be counted with your fellow citizens.

Finally, please think about how to act positively. After the elections we need, as a nation, to rebuild the edifice of our common values, scarred and undermined by partisanship. Whatever the election results may be, don't let America fall to the political nihilists -- those whose program of inflaming our partisan differences is really aimed at preventing positive action toward the many things on which almost all Americans agree. Demand accountability from the victors, and remind them that their oath will be to represent all of us, not just their own party.

As I swing state voter, I know I'll have something to celebrate tonight, no matter what: the end of political ads!