One Last Unveiling

While you're waiting impatiently for your friendly local games store to get their copies of Ars Magica 5th Edtion, here's one last set of teasers for you to enjoy. Tillitus is the last of our mage characters to be revealed, and David Chart's final designer notes installation talks about changes to the spells for the new edition. Don't miss it all at !


  1. Can we get a decent scan of the cover and some pics of interior pages?

  2. If you click on the cover image, you get the larger version, or you can load it directly here:

    Our scanner is not working well, so getting an interior page scan up is surprisingly not-easy right now. It's also a problem to output an image from the layout files, because they're done in false color. (In the layout files, Magenta is used instead of the true color of the second ink; that was the easiest way to get just two plates of output and to be able to manage the image files, by using TIFFs and just making sure that the cyan and yellow channels were empty.)

    We might get some interior sample pages up at some point, but we just have too many other things to do. (I still have another trip to stand in line at the post office to send playtester copies overseas, for example, plus orders to Amazon and distributors to pack.)

  3. I'm planning on putting up the character sheet and formulae index for ArM5 maybe as soon as this weekend.