Syndication Back Online

For those of you who know what to do with these things, Atom syndication for our blog is back up and running. This is the feed:

(Thanks to Dan, who called our attention to fixing this!)


  1. Any chance of getting an RSS link to display automatically. I rely on Firefox auto-RSS links, and you don't have one :-(

  2. Does the "sit feed" button down below (under the Blogger icon) work? (I just switched to Firefox on my office computer, so I'll have to test it out myself...I haven't tried its syndication features yet...I've been using FeedReader.)

    I do know this is Atom, not RSS; apparently getting RSS set up through Blogger requires more effort. So it might happen sometime...but it may be a while, as other things take priority right now.

  3. Firefox also picks up Aom, but it is not autodetecting for this site. :-(

    Maybe there is an extension that can get around this.