Testing New Front Page

This is a test of the Atlas Games web site. This is only a test.


  1. Does this mean I need no longer look at both http://atlasgames.blogspot.com/ and http://www.atlas-games.com/ ?
    Sheila Thomas

  2. I agree! This set-up is definitely better, in terms of instant access to information, than the last.


    Niall Christie

  3. Will's gone now, so it's just li'l ol' me working on the web site. I just got the archives working now in the right sidebar, so you shouldn't have to go to blogspot at all anymore. I still need to get the comments working better and check the site feed, though. Then I'll start working on the rest of the site ... there are an awful lot of missing links to product pages and things like card lists that should be up but aren't. We've all been really busy the last few months and haven't been paying enough attention to it, I guess. As I get each page done, feel free to let me know if it looks wonky on your machine, or if there are dead/missing links or anything ... it'll probably take me a few months to get through it all, though. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. You should set up your product links from the product images as well as the titles underneath, that would make the site easier to use.

    -Clell Flint

  5. How about a rss or atom feed? That would be really groovy. Doesn't blogger support one or the other?


  6. I have the Atlas Dispatches set up in my computer's FeedReeder with this URL for its feed: http://atlasgames.blogspot.com/atom.xml

    However, I've noticed that since the redesign in the last couple of days, it's no longer getting new posts. I'm not sure why that is, but I am hoping there's something on blogger that got toggled and can be switched back, so as to continue to syndicate the site even with the convenience of the blog appearing as our front page.

  7. Aha! Mystery solved. The atom.xml file was being uploaded to our server, but we hadn't aimed it at the right directory.

    So now syndication is back up and running. Here's the feed: http://www.atlas-games.com/atom.xml