Ars Magica 5th Ed - #1

Ars Magica 5th Edition dominates its category for November sales at Warehouse 23, and Calebais: The Broken Covenant grabs the #2 spot. The sales we've been seeing through W23 have been unprecedented, much to our delight, and we've also been pleased with the strong reorders we've been getting from distributors all over the world.

If you haven't already bought your copy of the new now have 30 days left to take advantage of the low introductory price of $25. Don't miss out!


  1. On this very page, ArM5 is still listed as "Coming Soon." Perhaps it's time for an update. :-)

  2. Re Numbers: The specifics are confidential, sorry. All I can say is that Warehouse 23's numbers are a lot better than I was expecting.

    Re "Coming Soon": Michelle (who has taken on the task of managing the website) is gone at Gen Con So Cal until next Tuesday, but I think I figured out how to fix it myself. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Are the next books still on schedule?

  4. Unfortunately, no, we're falling behind schedule across the board. Items that are scheduled for release in the next couple of months were announced before we lost half our staff. We'll do the best we can.

  5. Well, congratulations.

    Now... couple errors I've found :

    - In the text for the Bjornaer template, mention is made of its score in Animal Ken - virtue which it doesn't have.
    - Similarly, the Animal guidelines mention "The Immaculate Beast (MuAn 15)", which appears to be completely missing from the book.

    -- Yannick (should I post that kind of stuff on the Delphi forums instead?)

  6. I picked up my copy at the FLGS today (Endgame in Oakland). I was quite taken with the style, tone and layout.

    I haven't grabbed the new Calebais (yet) - mainly, since my old 1st edition copy has yet to see real use. Somehow, I think I might wind up doing some conversion for my old copy of "Tales of the Dark Ages" (hey - published by Atlas), and The Black Death.

    But back to the new 5th ed ... hat's off. It's a fine piece of work!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback, Turpiculous!

    Also, re: the topic of this blog entry, I was looking at earlier this week, and Ars Magica 5th Edition was the #1 roleplaying book on their "hot sellers" list. I'm delighted that so many people are snapping it up!

    (I'm also happy that it's going for £14.99 in the UK -- from what I've seen on my visits to Europe, games can pick up a lot of added costs on the way across the pond, but that's a really good price point. We've already shipped a major re-order to our biggest UK distributor, so it sounds like it's selling very well over there.)