The Ars Magica Price Change

I recently sent out a note to distributors on this topic, but looking over the recent entries I don't think I posted here.

We've announced that on January 1st, Ars Magica 5th Edition's suggested retail price will be $35. We will be honoring orders at the special introductory price of $25 up through 5 PM Central Time on December 31st here at the Atlas offices. I haven't yet coordinated with Warehouse 23 to work out how they will implement the price change, but it should be very similar (i.e., if you place the order on Dec. 31st you get the low price, even if it doesn't ship until the first business day in January).

Some distributors and retailers who bought their stock at the introductory price may continue to sell it at that price, so you can keep your eyes open for the bargain. However, the way to be sure that you don't miss out on the big savings is to take a moment to visit your local game store and pick up a copy today -- and if they're sold out temporarily, make sure they are ordering a copy for you without delay.

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  1. $35 is still a pretty good price for ArM5. Hardcover, 240 pages with two-color printing...