Grand Unveiling

DA-da-da-DAAAAAA ...

I'm anticipating that tomorrow morning will be the unveiling of the NEW Atlas Games website. After several weeks of grueling coding work on the part of myself and webgoddess Wendy Wyman (you may know her from her web work on, it's finally ready to go up. The new site will feature much more intuitive navigation, a stylish new look, and all those updates you've all been asking for.

One note, though ... since we have several hundred "product pages" (those with a name like AG0000.html), I've decided to mount the main site pages now and leave converting the bulk of the product pages until later. So, it's no use telling me that they're not converted yet, because I know they're not converted yet. ;)

Please give me until Thursday morning to work out all the kinks. After that, comments about broken links and things not working can be left as comments on our blog. Thanks!

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