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This weekend I distilled PDFs of two more older books of ours, and they are now available on RPGNow.

The first is Over the Edge 2nd Edition, by Jonathan Tweet with Robin D. Laws. Needless to say, Jonathan and Robin have both gone on to do quite a lot more since they collaborated on Over the Edge more than a decade ago, but I think this remains one of the seminal works of "rules-lite" roleplaying. We recently sold out of the printed game, and I do hope to bring it back into print sometime in 2005...but PDF allows us to keep it available for sale in the meantime.

Second is The Mythic Seas, an Ars Magica sourcebook. This title is very nearly out of I type this, there remain just five copies of the book in our warehouse. We do not plan to reprint the book, but once again PDF allows us to make it available to those who crave its contents nonetheless.

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