Web Site Wonders

I've got all kinds of new goodies for you this week ...

First off, I've put up the Ars Magica 5th Edition color map of Mythic Europe as a PDF. You can find it linked from www.atlas-games.com/arm5/index.html

Also, I've posted the full Gloom rules as a PDF at www.atlas-games.com/gloom/index.html

And you'll notice the product images for Glimpse of the Abyss and Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal at left.



  1. Awesome, Michelle, but it looks like the link to the Europe Map is broken.

  2. Thanks for the tip ... it's fixed now.

  3. The map is up now. I guess we were just too keena nd Michelle hadn't finished yet! :-)

    Speaking of - Michelle, is there any chance of a high(ish) res picture file version ofthis map, please?



  4. I second the motion for a high-res version. It comes out very fuzzy on my colour printer.

  5. Also, when can we expect an image for the Rhine Tribunal?

  6. Rhine Tribunal: I still haven't done some essential work on it, such as assigning the artwork (which itself necessitates paring down the authors' illo suggestions to what will fit the layout of the book). Too busy packing orders, answering e-mails, etc. So there's no image to share now for that book, and I doubt we'll have one before January. Also, I'm sure the book will be late, because there's no way I'll get my work done on it to send it to press before Christmas. (Even when I get the art decisions nailed down, artists will require some weeks to do the actual illustration work.) We're facing the basic problem of a schedule that was announced when we had double the personpower in the office.

    For now, priority #1 is to move product out the door, filling orders for the holiday retailing season. Make hay while the sun shines and all that.

  7. Wjen can we expect Gloom to show up ?...I know it's on the slow boat from India but the last statement about the game it was 5 weeks out...now were 9 weeks out and still nothing ?

  8. re Gloom: Check this blog entry from earlier this week: http://www.atlas-games.com/2004/12/homeland-security.html

    Basically, the games *are* inside the USA now, but their shipping container has been held for inspection (presumably at random) by Homeland Security, and we don't really know how long that will take. Once they're done with it, it's likely to take up to a week for the games to move to Minneapolis, clear customs, and then get delivered to us.