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Atlas Games is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with RPGHost Networks in developing a free, comprehensive, centralized game store locator for the hobby games industry. The new locator has just gone live on the Atlas Games site ... click on the Retailer Locator button at to try it out!

We've always found that our retailer locator ends up suffering from neglect on our part because updates are the last thing on our "to do" list. Also, retailers tend not to have time to send updated info, and have a hard time keeping track of the dozens of other locators they're listed on. The result is information that's not particularly accurate, which does our customers very little good!

James Mathe -- the brains behind RPGNow and RPGShop -- has devised a new service that will solve many of these issues:

  • The locator does more than just let customers find stores in their area. Entries are searchable by the publishers and product categories that stores carry, they display the retailer's logo, and can even show a picture of the store.
  • Retailers enter THEIR OWN info, and do their own updates, so their listing is always correct.
  • Stores are listed on many publisher websites in one shot, which means less work owners and managers.
  • Retailers receive an email notice when a new publisher joins, with a quick link to add them to their listing.
  • Retailers can even create a one-time-use online coupon to entice customers to their store!

Here's an example of what an entry could look like:

All the store information from Atlas Games' old locator is now available at New stores can sign up at . It only takes a few minutes!

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